Hygge (hoo-ga)


Hygge is a Danish term that is slowly making its way to the front of the UK mind. Although, it doesn’t really have a definition. ‘Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be felt’. It is sort of a way of life, whether it be from dining with close friends or something as simple as lighting a nice candle, there are lots of ways to define Hygge. It is life’s simple pleasures rolled up into a nifty little Danish word.


Of course design is an important factor when it comes to Hygge. The Danes love design and the Danes love Hygge. All that light wood, leather and woollen blankets creates a feeling of cosiness. Long dark nights, feeling cosy? Sounds good to us.image-4

Neutral colours and pastels are used to create a clean flow through the house, in conjunction with these patterned fabrics are metals such as gold, copper and brass which are added for some luxury. The Slit table by Hay design is a quirky minimalist side table, but it also comes in rich metal finishes. Very Hygge!! Being with friends and enjoying a home cooked meal around a table with a low light in the centre is a great way to forget about the outside world and just enjoy each other’s company. This Normann Copenhagen Bell lamp does just that, spilling big pools of light from an earthy clay shell and creating an intimate atmosphere.


Hygge is not a new practice, it dates back to the 18th Century and has started to spread further than Denmark to countries that share the same dark winters. With only 7 hours of light in Winter, Danes spend a lot of time inside. They like to have long meals illuminated with lamps and candles, stretched out over the whole evening and talk about an array of topics. Hygge uses all senses, homely aromas, going for a walk on a crisp quiet morning and having a warm bath on a cold night. Planting flowers to watch them bloom, bike rides or picnics on the beach. It occurs all year around and this is why Danes are reported as one of the happiest countries. We’ve all been there, but never known where we were. Hygge, that’s where. Stop for minute, look at your home friends and food and appreciate it all.



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