The Mammoth vs. The Lounge

Charles and Ray Eames were American Architects and Industrial designers. Married in 1941, they worked together with multiple projects over the years. One Iconic piece is the Lounge Chair – designed in 1956, they based their Inspiration off of the famous English Club Chair and out came the Lounge Chair.


There are a variety of materials that were needed to assemble the Lounge Chair, these include moulded plywood sheets with a walnut veneer on the outer surfaces, this is the main structure for the chair, then there is leather cushioning and finally there is a black powder coated steel base. Eames wanted to use the best materials possible as the chair was no knock off – premium leather and polished aluminium were used on the white model. The choice of materials has enabled the chair to look modern to this day.



Modernism came around in the 1950’s, about the same time that IKEA was opened. It was a movement which promoted a clean aesthetic with simplicity at its core. The Scandinavian style took this movement and created their own idea of what minimalism is in the home. Neutral colours, natural materials, lots of light and a consistent flow through the home. Norr11 introduced a chair that fits this idea with the light coloured wood and the soft shape.

In 2016 Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard designed the Mammoth Chair, belonging to the Norr11 family. This chair has the same Manufacture process as the Lounge Chair with the vacuum forming although this structure is made using oak.


Both the Lounge Chair and the Mammoth Chair have the same form and even though the Lounge Chair was designed in the 20th Century it looks as modern as the Mammoth. The Mammoth is wider and taller but takes up a little less space than the Lounge Chair as it is not a recliner, it also has a more scandi feel to it with the oak legs.

Looking at the chairs side by side we can see that they have the same form, the wide structure, the clean cut curved plywood encasing the seat and the material buttoned to the back. The Mammoth is a slight reflection on the lounge chair although it has splayed wooden oak legs giving the chair more stability, designing on wooden legs makes a big chair seem lighter and will not fill a room. Its rounded legs make the design a lot softer, especially with the matte woollen upholstery. It comes in two styles, the ‘Fluffy’ or the ‘Slim’. The Fluffy has the full upholster on the chair and is available in wool, canvas or leather. These all come in a variety of colours as well. The Slim version comes in leather and has more of the wooden frame showing which is very fresh.

Being a new design from a young company the Mammoth chair has a much lower price point, but due to its similarities to the Eames Lounge Chair you are investing in a product that has the potential of becoming a new design classic.

Both Chairs are available to buy at Catalog. For more information contact: Tel: 0131 225 2888


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