Spring 2016 – Colours for every mood

fantastic new items in the showroom blending calming colours with natural woods…..


DSC_00023       norr11-mammoth-lounge-chair-w-ottoman-canvas-black-01_zoom

Rug:  Hiverno designed by Emmanuel Gallina, Toulemonde Bochart (can be made to order), Chair: Mammoth Chair, Norr11, Nest of tables: 


DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0007

Pastels are definitely a trend to consider this season. Originating in the 1950s this colourway was new after the war, where the economy began to grow in America and Europe which led to changes in households. Where new household appliances added new finsihes and colours into the home.

Reflecting the sun’s light in summer and during the winter brightening your home pastel tones are the perfect color choice. They will enhance light and space in your interiors adding a pop of colour without being too in your face

The nest tables above perfectly show that a hint of pastel tones can brighten and give a new feel to the space, creating a calm and softness to the room.


4c3d045faba3641ab868e14760e86777  20120910_Crown_MannequinMain-0204A_M_39L_EL_4jan13_pr_b_639x426   

This calm but colourful flat designed by Dyer Grimers Architecture is just the perfect place to find rest The combination of the muted blue walls and use of pastel linen contrasted by the Zeppelin pendant light by Flos creates a calm and elegant atmosphere. The muted blue walls create a focal point within the interior.

Great design incorporates subtle accents throughout interiors. This can be done simply through pastel colored tables or scatter cushions, this is an easy way to inject that pop on top of a neutral background without changing the look of your home too much.


DSC_0016   DSC_0020

Duke rounded coffee tables and the square Tray tables by HAY.dk carry the pastel theme through the showroom. Both tables come in various heights and sizes.


DSC_0009   DSC_0024

Just arrived at the showroom this week is a Marble Tray by Hay, which we are loving at the moment! This freshly painted wall in Mole’s Breath by Farrow & Ball is contrasted by the beautifully made Branch coat hanger designed by Harry Parr-Young from Authentics. Subtle colours and fabulous materials making a sumptuous haven.


  DSC_0021  jellies-family-014okmc-b

Vase and glasses from the Jellies family designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell.

Patricia Urquiola is one of the leading designers of our time, she has created a delightful transparent range. Through this design pastels can subtly add colour to your dining table, especially when light bounces of the glass.




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