Ancient Methods, Modern Designs.

Rugs have been a staple in homes all over the world for millennia. From the most basic floorcoverings, protecting nomadic tribes from the elements as far back as 7000 BC, to the finest woven silk commanding thousands of pounds per square metre, the rug is one of the most versatile tools to make a space both comfortable and beautiful.

Today we have the technology to mass produce rugs but many are still made by hand, using what is essentially the same methods as people have for thousands of years using the humble loom, a form of fibre such as wool or silk and a range of knots or weaves. Three simple ingredients which over the centuries have been combined in so many different ways producing a stunning ethnographic history of cultures across the globe.

Within the patterns formed by these knots you can find a whole language – the symbols and patterns tell us story – where the rug was made, and who made it are common but sometimes these rugs secrete political allegiances, religious orientation or love stories. While our mass produced rugs may not hold these time capsules within their knots, modern rugs can still tell a story. One of our very favourite rug suppliers is Toulemonde Bochart who are constantly expanding their beautiful collection as they invite revered designers to tell their own story with their rug designs.

In this design, Éric Gizard as sought inspiration from the traditional motifs by the North African, Berber women – the rug is made using the same techniques passed down through generations. The classic geometric design often seen in pieces from Beni Ouarain is now oversized and the design becomes abstract and very modern. ‘This is set on the rug surface in a random and unstructured manner. The dots become a pointillist pattern which we want to follow. This encourages us to reach out and touch this sensual, completely untreated material, in line with an ever more asserted desire for all things natural.’ Toulemonde Bochart

RIFF RUG by Éric Gizard


Traditional Beni-Ouarain Rug

 OSAKA by Florence Bourel
 Florence Bourel draws upon the rigour and richness of Japanese motifs such as the ‘Seikaiha’ Ocean scalloped wave design, in terms of both graphic research and the handling of the values of indigo. The rug is hand tufted from New Zealand wool and vegetable silk to give it a brilliant finish, playing on a wide range of textures and juxtaposing the effects of bouclé and shorn pile.


The Tapis Ikat rug is a modern interpretation on of a traditional Ikat pattern – by changing the scale and dislocating the placement of the pattern the rug, a traditional motif becomes fresh and modern.  The woven artsilk  doubled with a genuine dhurrie cotton makes the rug luxurious yet with an authentic feel.



TOULEMONDE BOCHART is available to order from Catalog Ltd, 2-4 St Stephen’s Place, Edinburgh. 0131 225 2888.

To see the entire Toulemonde Bochart Collection click here.


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