Catalog and Morgan McDonnell Architects

Advocate (ˈadvəkət/): A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.


Advocate you say? Advocates we are! Especially for Morgan McDonnell Architects…


Recently Catalog were taken on board, along with Morgan McDonnell Architects, by the Chris Stewart Group. We provided furniture specification for the Old Town Chambers project being carried out within the Advocate’s Close re-development in Edinburgh’s Old Town.


If you didn’t know already, Advocate’s Close is situated just off the Royal Mile in the heart of the bustling Old Town. The site was previously inhabited by Edinburgh City Council and “…encompasses 9 listed buildings over 11 storeys and bridging 3 closes between the High St, Cockburn St and Market St.” The aim of the project was to create a new quarter of the Old Town that injects life and vibrancy into the area. The project covered many areas of design, and includes various apartments, restaurants, bars and office spaces. It also includes the very first ‘Motel 1’ to be built in Scotland (with another to be opened on Prices Street, signifying the success of the project) and the Devil’s Advocate Bar. These all come together to form another wonderful hub steeped in culture, history and modern design within Edinburgh’s City Centre.


Here are some fantastic images of the Old Town Chambers to get a little taster of the wonders within Advocate’s Close;



Devil’s Advocate Bar

Advocates Close


Advocate’s Close Apartment

Within the past year Morgan McDonnell have been nominated and awarded for many projects, including Advocate’s Close. In particular the project won the Scottish Property Award 2014 for Architectural Excellence (the firm also took away an award for their Charlotte Sq project… Is there any end to their success?), along with such highly commended practices as Foster and Partners (for their SSE Hydro Design) and City Legacy Homes (for the design of the Glasgow 2014 Athletes Village). This illustrates the high level of professionalism these guys are dealing with and we couldn’t have been happier to get involved.


Many of the projects being undertaken by Morgan McDonnell are at the heart of Edinburgh’s triumph, propelling them upwards with a great amount of power. The company didn’t just sit back during the recession; they pushed and have succeeded in creating a successful business. We are more than sure this success will keep rising. To find out more about Morgan McDonnell Click Here.


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