Summer is coming! Grab the garden furniture!


For us based in the temperamental climate that is Scotland, the prospect of a sunny day is constantly a dream that is rarely achieved. However, we can only be prepared for the sunny days that may grace us this Summer. There is a vast range of outdoor furniture to suit and garden environment and for any occasion.

There is nothing better than a cosmopolitan cocktail, nibbles and a glorious summers day on your balcony, especially whilst reclining on the ‘Trenza’ seating collection from Andreu World. The simplicity of the frame is subtle and the collection is characterised by their braided wide belts in Earth Brown, Sand, Graphite and White, which facilitates ventilation without renouncing the overall comfort of the seat. The collection contains bar stools, dining chairs in various sizes and a chaise longue – which is perfect for soaking up the rays!

If you are setting sail, then be sure to drop the anchor in the Northern Italian Harbour town of Rapallo. Serralunga, have recently installed some of their collection in the Yacht Club. The range pictured is the ‘Divano Hour Collection’ designed by Claudio Bellin and the ‘Ming Family’ by Rodolfo Dordon.

The ‘Divano Hour Collection is a modular seating system that is produced through the process of rotational moulding – which gives it many strength properties and impact resistant. UV protected, and 100% recyclable making this a highly eco-friendly furniture piece. The fabric cushion is made from polyurethane foam and fabric which is also suitable for outdoor use. It is also very versatile and should the heavens open, it can be brought inside and be used from the comfort of you’re sitting room.

The ‘Ming Collection’ is also achieved through the process of rotational moulding which gives it a lovely smooth outer finish suitable for planting or just as decoration due to the various colours that can be chosen. With its UV protection, it will withstand any heat wave mother nature throws our way!

One method of using sheltered space to create the indoor/outdoor experience is by taking advantage of one of Varaschin’s design – the ‘Table Big’. This piece is designed by R & S Varaschin themselves, this concept really captures the lazy summers day. The benefit of this pavilion is that it can be tailored to any need. It can easily become a private space thanks to the fabric curtains. It can hold multiple furniture pieces to give it definition and purpose. The change of level itself is a lovely element and concept.

This luxurious project was created by Kettal. The Palazzo Montemartini is a prestigious  five-star hotel in central Rome, near the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, designed by Michelangelo. Palazzo Montemartini is the only hotel in Rome crossed by the Servian Walls, built in the sixth century BC during the reign of Servius Tullius. Kettal have given the outside space of this hotel a touch of class with its ‘Maia’ furniture collection.

Designed by the amazing  Patricia Urquiola, this range has a natural lightness and elegance which fits well into this project. The artisan braiding, is constructed using Porotex and chenille fabric and enhanced with sturdy aluminium framework. A combination that oozes energy. This collection was also hailed as one of the most representative designs of our century by, Javier Mariscal at Bombay Sapphire. Which fits well with being used in only the highest end projects.


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