Cappellini – The Quirky Furniture Inventors


Cappellini are one of these companies that like to create a range of fantastic design pieces that will always be a key feature in any environment.


The owner, Giulio Cappellini has managed to capture various trends and manages to reflect them in the output of his star quality design team. Certain trends combine pop culture with minimalist undertones. Merging sci-fi with nature. Some of this collection is an eye opener to what is possible within the design world not only in product design, but in spatial and interior design also.

One of the most well established pieces from the Cappellini collection is the outstanding Proust Chair. Production of this chair started in the late 1970’s and was at the forefront of the post modernist movement . Designed by  Alessandro Mendini who was a member of Studio Alchimia (founded 1976), a group of experimental Italian designers who rejected the strict principles of modernism, and embraced ornament, symbolism and craftsmanship.


For the “Proust” armchair Mendini selected a ready-made Rococo revival chair and had it hand-painted with Pointillist brush strokes derived from a painting by nineteenth-century French painter Paul Signac. The pattern consumes the generous, scrolling form of the chair, covering both the upholstery and the carved woodwork.

The cloud, designed by Ronan and Erwan  Bouroullec. These French designers are the masters behind this modular double-faced bookcase that looks like it has gracefully floated down from above. Produced in white polyethylene. The elements, manufactured with the rotational technology, and can even be clipped together to turn a blank wall or room into a key storage area that also retains its design identity.

If you are looking for something that exudes tribal and Aztec, then the Superhero collection from Cappellini is perfect. These versatile pieces can be used in a variety of functions. From chairs to coffee tables to display pods. The endless possibilities are astounding. They are also follow aesthetics as well as form and function which makes them an even more attractive product.


Designed by the Swedish Glimpt Group, the collection is influenced by their visits to to Vietnam where Glimpt visited different artisans, studying their techniques and finding inspiring materials and colours. After a while they came into contact with skilled sea grass and plastic weavers in Ho Chi Minh City. Glimpt also wanted to incorporate other influences in their work so they contacted the Swedish illustrator Malin Koort, who helped develop the patterns for the series.

To find out more about cappellini, Click here!


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