Shiny New Plastic by Kartell


Kartell have been busy bringing lots of new products to our attention over the last year. Here are just a few that we think will be big this year!

The Masters stool, designed by Philippe Stark, is a take on his previous chair version. The concept is based around three other design classic chairs, the “Series 7” by Arne Jacobsen, the “Tulip Armchair” by Eero Saarinen and the “Eiffel Chair” by Charles Eames. This stool can be placed in many environments, from the comfort of your own home to a commercial contract or even outdoors. It is such a versatile bar stool that will sure be seen in 2014.

 Patricia Urquiola has also been busy for Kartell and create these fantastic Foliage collection.  The series of pieces that look as if they grew just naturally in plastic where the leaves form a crown resting on a framework of branches which virtually form a seat. They also carry the Patricia Urquiola’s stamp on the fabric which is used to create the look of foliage.

Kartell have also released a collection of new units and rails.  The Sound-Rack, Sound Beam and Shellfish are all fantastic new storage solutions designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba . They are also suited to many room enviroments such as the bathroom. They come in various colours in a translucent finish.

There is also an elegant new mirror within the Kartell collection called ‘All Saints’. Is also designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. This mirror can come in many different surround finishings such as transparent, metallic or chrome plated. It is suitable for use in contemporary and minimalist, or eccentric and anti-conformist spaces!

Finally, there is these new stools designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. They are the most recent edition to the Kartell range only being released for sale this year. This table and chair collection is stunning and really reflects the concept of precious stones such as diamond, crystal and ruby depending on the colour choice you choose.  They can also be used outdoors and are both scratch and impact resistant.

If you would like to find out more about Kartell, click here!


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