Keep The Windowlene At The Ready.

Glas-Italia_SPECCHIO STURM UND DRANG GLAS ITALIA-0There are many different materials to consider when producing a product. One material in particular has its own very special craft in production, it makes the final outcome much more astounding then it would be made out of anything else. Welcome to the world of glass by Glas Italia.


Glas Italia are an Italian based furniture manufacture that specialise in products that incorporate glass and other materials such as metal to make spectacular final products. One of the most fascinating tables in their collection, is the ‘Atlantis Tavoli Alti’. This table is made from glued 8 mm thick tempered glass plates, cut with water jet and with 45° chamfered edge. Available in extra-light transparent glass, satin or glossy lacquered. The formal purity, the sobriety and the sophisticated craftsmanship are the main features of this table.Glas Italia also produce various products such as chairs, shelves and room dividers. They also have created these amazing vases that are made to simulate disturbance in a liquid environment. And it works beautifully. This product is called ‘Angelo E Angela’ A Realized in smoked glass, glued 45°, and an organic shaped ceramic sculpture, supported and contained in its inside. The ceramic element, available in the finishes opaque white or platinum lacquered, is hollow and can contain water. They are a perfect design to include in any scheme or project.

Glas Italia also have a great selection of mirrors. They have something for every room and every style of building. One that is of particular interest is the ‘I Massi Speechi’ Mirror. If you are in need of a mirror to capture the rooms attention and be a main feature, then this is your mirror. In the version with lighting installation with white or blue neon, a circle of light pours out from the back of the mirror. It is also available without lighting. The benefit with this mirror is that it can be hung both horizontally and vertically so it can fit into any length of wall you may have.

If you want to check out more of Glas Italia’s  Collections, click here!



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