Lets Vamp Up The Office!

Office Space1

Interior Design should not be kept to the home. Why not bring it to the Office! (Just make sure your boss knows what you are doing before you turn up with a truck full of goods!)


Now-a-days design in public spaces is just as important as the private spaces of your home.  Having a well designed work space  naturally leads to a more productive working environment.

One chair that is a particular favourite is the Kobi chair by Partick Norguet. The body of the chair is a sort of rigorous and enveloping basket, created by woven soldered round steel wire. The support belt, made from cast aluminium embraces the seat elegantly, totally enveloping the form. The chair can be upholstered with fabric or there is a leather pad option.


As well as chairs, tables are where the fundamental part of most office spaces.  A great option to fill the meeting room is the Biplane Oval by Alias. Its combines functionality with simplistic aesthetics.  The legs in die-cast aluminium are fixed both to a central base and to the table top forming a solid structure. The number of legs may vary as a function of the dimensions of the top, available in different shapes and finishes. The top material is also made from a scratch resistant MDF which will be handy especially during everyday use.

Lighting is also a crucial part of the office environment. We need natural light in the spaces but we don’t need the glare and the heat that is sometimes developed through the windows. Therefore the natural light is passed through the windows in certain ways to prevent the glare and the overbearing heat that is generated. This in turn develops less light than there would be. Therefore choosing the correct lighting to make good working conditions is very important. A good lighting manufacture that has a lovely range of commercial lighting is Artemide. The Nur Gloss light is a perfect example of bringing artificial light together with that of natural light. This suspension light provides directional light onto work surfaces, floor space or exhibition spaces. It could also be described as a decorative suspension light.

There are so many products that can be used to create the perfect office space. However all of the above can be used in residential projects as well! If you are however after something very big and large for any space, then this table from Thonet is the perfect solution to hold the biggest feast or meeting possible! The S 8000 is the ultimate table experience. The metal base bracket continues on the tabletop like a ribbon and turns into a functional surface. It also has the ability to have multimedia modules that can be individually integrated. The cabling would then disappear into the supporting base structure.


For more information on some of these products that have been mentioned, click, here, here and here!


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