Scotch On The Rocks.

Marset _Scotch_Club

Warning: Do not put ice in this light! Water and electricity still don’t like each other!

Marset have always been a great manufacture to follow for decorative lighting. One of their new lights this season is the ‘Scotch Club’ Designed by Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah (2013) It is the new light that has been added to the already fantastic Marset Collection.


The Scotch Club light gets its inspiration from a disco ball and the birth of the discotheque. It has 72 interior faces that reflect light in all directions creating both direct and many forms of indirect lighting. Whilst, from a distance, showing itself as a unique shape which certainly channels the ideology of the disco.The warmth of the fixture’s ceramics contrasts with the faceted edges of the sphere, giving the light a playful and fun personality.


Made using a traditional design process, the lamps are fired four times —using glazes specifically developed for this collection— and incorporate warm, high-quality materials, such as gold. Available in white, blue, terracotta, or black ceramic, with brilliant white or gold enamel interiors, the pendant collection’s three sizes —17, 26 and 41 cm— allow one to create sculptures in the air. The Scotch club light gives the client many different methods to create a fantastic design piece using the veriations of colour and size of the light to really personalise the installation. The collection is completed with a ceiling model and two wall models, these last incorporating a lacquered metal reflector inside the canopy that transmits multiple reflections and makes this fixture ideal as a decorative element.

To find out more about the ‘Scotch Club’ watch this video to see how it they are made! Click Here!


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