Trípode Attack!


Nope! This is not something out of the war of the worlds, nor is it something derived from the world of Sci-fi. It is actually a creation of lighting manufacture Santa & Cole, that  are the minds behind the lighting classic that is the Trípode. Designed in 1997 by their team. The light  itself is a fantastic example of a well designed product. Being a top-heavy light due to the large ribboned light shade, and three steel legs that are positioned in such a way, it can create perfect balance. There is a sophistication about the way that the light stands. The poles have an elegant cross-section where they meet and part ways to create a nice sculptural effect in the main body of the light.contemporary-table-lamp-fabric-52200-4553469

The Trípode comes in various sizes that can be used to enhance any type of environment. From a lounge space with the large Trípode to the study with the small M3 version. They all create an excellent feature to any room that you have.

The ribboned lampshade comes in a variety of colour finishes including Natural, Red-Amber, Black, Terracotta, Mustard and Green so that this iconic light can fit into any environment seamlessly.

If you would like to find out more about the trpode collection, click here


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