The Dining Dilemma

Kristalia Table

It can be difficult to fit the family around the table at the best of times. The select few times a year where your fabulous collection of miss-matched  chairs and your grandmothers fine china makes an appearance. It would make life so much easier if there was a way to ensure that everyone could fit around the table to avoid the bumping of elbows and family feuds.

Thankfully, there is many a solution to ensure that there is enough space for everyone at the dining table by having some of these fantastic extendible tables.

The ‘Sushi’ table from Kristalia is a great option that has a maximum extension version of 3.14m which would easily fit the whole family around! The extendible pieces are concealed within the metallic base so that you can hide them away when they are not needed. Kristalia have also made the structure so that it can support the weight of a person walking along the table top. Which proves that it can withstand a lot of pressure!

Another great table is taken from the Skovby table range. The ‘SM11’ is an extendible table that captures almost eighty years of Scandinavian design. The table can extend out to a maximum length of 2.75m which will accommodate a good size of people around it. It can come in a veneer, solid wood or white laminate top finish so it can be customised to suit any type of environment.

To solve the problem some of us face with the mixture of chairs that seem to congregate around the table. These Sail chairs from the Andreu world collection are fantastic chairs to have at the dining table and hidden away to be brought out if extra seating is required. The benefit of them is that they can stack almost seamlessly which makes storing them much easier and also carrying them as a stack rather than individually. The sail chair has various versions, including leather, wood, upholstered and  thermopolymer plastic. There is also a great colour selection to choose from so they can match your extendible table or be the contrast or main feature in the room. Or if you just loved the mixture of chairs, then having a few different colours of the sail to create that mixture of chairs around the table!


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