Secto Spectacular!

Secto Lights

Secto Design is a Finnish company specialized in wooden designer lamps.

Secto Design lamp shades are handmade of Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen. The designs by architect Seppo Koho have a clear and simple Scandinavian feel. The wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal.

One of our favourite pieces is the ‘Victo’. 

The main attraction towards this light is its shade. It manages to successfully conceal the bulb in its central interior and fan out light through its slats giving an even and soft glow across said surface.  The light itself can be constructed in natural birch, white laminated birch, black laminated birch or a walnut veneer. Want to see ‘Victo’ for yourself? We have it in our showroom so you can see for yourself the simplistic method this light uses to cast light.


Secto Design have launched a new light to add to their collection, The ‘Aspiro 8000’. 

It was shown at this years Stockholm Furniture Light Fair, Where it received a warm and enthusiastic reaction from the public and critics alike. Like all of the collection, the ‘Aspiro’ is a singular form and material for the shade which can come in the four choices of birch, white and black laminate and walnut veneer. 
The thing that is striking about the ‘Aspiro’ is its lightness and softness which could fit into any type of acoustic space.

If you want to find out more or would like to see the full Secto Design Range, click here.


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