New at Catalog – Diesel by Foscarini



Foscarini have introduced a new range of lighting with fashion retailer Diesel. They have collaborated to produce a fabulous collection of lighting that echo’s both Foscarini and Diesel’s characteristics.

This is a completely new collection of lamps that speaks a multitude of languages, tells different stories and expresses an unmistakable style: the Diesel lifestyle. Ironic, unconventional, fun, fiery and creative. A way of being and of dressing that also becomes a way of furnishing. A new adventure that lets you customise your space, going beyond clichés and bringing your personality to light. Hard as metal, soft as fabric, slim as a luminous cage, shiny as chrome-plated glass, but always unique and different: Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini.

To add to our showroom, we have introduced the ‘Fork’. (Above)

The ‘Fork’ is inspired by casual fashion, informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy. The light inside reveals a patchwork structure and the texture of the canvas, a little like when you turn on a light inside a tent. The lampshade is extremely flexible and can be oriented 360°. The stand of the floor and table versions is also very mobile, thanks to its joints: this means you can change the direction of the light as you please, play with the lamp and have fun continually finding new positions for it.

The ‘Fork’  is available in floor and table versions and large and small suspension versions, in grey or ivory.

One light that really caught our eyes was the Perf light. (Above)

It comes in different versions. From floor, wall and table to choose from. The inspiration behind Perf comes from far away in time and space, creating a lamp which takes you by surprise with its personality: a domestic totem, a friend to follow us all around the home, a fascinating code of luminous openings to be deciphered. The  holes in the lampshade trace out a design flickering from regular to irregular, allowing the light passing through to create a hazy magical appearance, almost hypnotic in effect. A totally original luminous gesture, waiting to accompany you through all the different times of your life.

Perf guarantees two different lighting effects: one strong and directional, which comes directly from the unshaded lamp and the other soft, passing through the perforations to create original patterns and an interplay of light on walls and surfaces.

If you want to know more or like what you see, check out the whole collection here.



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