The Next Generation from Softline, Denmark.

Softline has long been associated with high-quality upholstery in striking, directional shapes and colours. Their designs can be found all over the world, in hotels, film and television sets and homes across the globe.

Drawing on the talents from an international team of designers, their collections are all made in their Danish factory. Their new collection showcases a unique take on current trends using new and eco-friendly materials with inspiring colours in comfortable and functional designs.

There are so many great pieces in the collection that it was a mission to decide what to include in this post but none the less here are some of our favourite pieces. Keep an eye on our Facebook page where we will be posting some more of this awesome collection.

JASPER – Busk & Hertzog, 2011.

Welcome Jasper – for some reason you remind me of a little monkey’s face with your big back cushion eyes, arm rest ears peeking out at the side and a big sideways grin under your seat cushions. Just adorable – neat and comfy and what’s more it converts into a double bed – you know, for monkey business….


CIRCO – Susanne Grønlung , 2013

This lovely little side table both shows off it’s Danish heritage while appearing new and modern and the same time. Made completely of turned wood, all the elements of the table are circular – hence the name.

SCOPE – Robert Zoller, 2012.

With its small, comfy and compact form, SCOPE offers a modern and relaxed approach to sofa design. Like the Circo – the Scope draws heavily from classic Danish Modern ethos. Comfort, high quality and clean lines that will always be modern.

QUADRO – Susanne Grønlung

A modern Scandinavian interpretation of the traditional Moroccan cushion and the Eastern Tea Tray Table. It can be used as a pouffe or with the tray as funky side table.

ME&U – Busk & Hertzog,

This is so cool – a proper upholstered swanky swing for inside – fun, fun, fun!


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