Make it Work.

Sadly the majority of us have to work and for many of us that involves sitting down – in fact the average person spends 50-70% of their entire lifetime seated. With the average life expectancy in the UK hitting the 80 year mark that could mean a whopping 56 years on your toosh.  So if we are to spend so much of our time tied to a desk then it makes sense to do it comfortably and of course – in style.

Many people are happy to spend tens of thousands on their car but scrimp when it comes to a good seat.  The average motorist spends 3 solid years of their life driving which is a fragment of the time spent sitting. With that in mind – isn’t it time you re-thought exactly where you placed your posterior?

Work is stressful enough so making your workplace – whether you work at home or in a an office, as comfortable, calm and organised as possible, will only make you happier and more efficient.

Time for an office re-vamp? Here are some of our favourite pieces to make being at work – just that little bit less like, well, being at work.

Una Executive and Una Management

This classic design evolved from the Eames Aluminium group by ICF has been an office classic for decades. It is the perfect combination of style and comfort. With a design that will never go out of fashion and a build quality that has seen many of our customers through 20 or 30 years with their chairs, the Una series are undoubtedly some of the finest office chairs on the market. Available in a range of fabric and leathers and in a range of styles, their is an Una for everyone.



FIAM Office

Office furniture needn’t be clunky and industrial and Fiam’s glass range can almost be invisible – as long as you keep your desk tidy!  The classic bent glass Rialto and Rialto L, with their clean lines and minimalist design bring a sense of lightness to a working space. These pieces are also perfect in small spaces as they allow the light to travel giving the illusion of more space.



We just cant get enough of Chatboards – they are the ingenious magnet glass notice boards that keeps a hold of your notes and lets you keep on top of that ‘To-Do’ list. Available in lots of different colours and sizes.


HAY you – back to work!

Danish design company Hay have earned their great reputation for interestingly designed pieces at good prices and when it comes to stationary the bar remains high. Little injections of neon brights mixed in with graphic prints and the natural textures make their accessory range a funky addition to any office. Pair them with their gorgeous Copenhagen desk and the Woody shelving unit for the ultimate Danish work space.


Copenhague Desk 03_2013-3-7_10-35-7



Still stuck for ideas? Here are some of our favourite Office finds from Pinterest












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