New from Santa and Cole


Santa and Cole have long been a classic mainstay in lighting design. Their shapes are timeless and exemplify understated elegance. This year they have introduced some stunning new lights and extended some of their collection with new ribbon colours adding a new punch to their well-loved designs.



This is a collaboration around the colour of light with Daniera ten Haar and Christoph Brach of Raw Colour. The result are these new ribbons, each woven from three special yarns making three new colours: terracotta, mustard and green, available for the entire family of ribbon shade lamps, from the small table lamp to the famous Tripode standard lamp and giant GT1500 pendant lamp. The are an addition to the three basic colours, cream, red and black designed by the Santa & Cole Team in 1994.



Santa & Cole have also extended their Blanco White collection.  Originally released in 2012, The Blanco White is the work of designer Antoni Arola 2013.  The family features sleek minimalism at its best and has been an understandably popular range for S&C which has led to the addition of new round and rectangular sources to create wall, pendant and table lamps to the family.


From the inhouse Santa & Cole Team 2013, this flexible system of pendant lamps using shades (Hats) of differing sizes and materials that give multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head). The first five models are made from ceramic and aluminium shades.



Introducing another new classic from designer Antoni Arola, 2013, this lamp is names after the many things it does without. Designed as the new basic Santa & Cole lamp, it marries tradition and technology with the sobriety of a classic. A circle of light in two sizes, with or without shade, pendant or table top, it meets the lighting needs of any situation with austere elegance.




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