Overarching Lights. The 2-in-1 lighting solution.

Since the conception of Arco – probably one, if not the most iconic light of all time, many versions of overarching lights have followed in its path. The beauty of this style of light is that it is floor standing but the height gives the ambience of a suspension fitting.  It is the perfect solution if you want light from above that is still intimate but with the versatility of a floor lamp that you can move.

Here are some of our favourite arch lights from the Catalog collection.

1. The Daddy ‘Arco’ designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962. Flos.


1. Superarchimoon. Designed by Philippe Starck, 2000. Flos

3. ‘Angelica’. Designed by Paolo Grasselli, 2011. Modo Luce.


4. Tolomeo Terra. Designed by Michele De Lucchi , Giancarlo Fassina, 2002. Artemide.

5. Corner. Designed by Modo Luce R&D, 2012. Modo Luce.

corner_terra_01 (1)

6. Twiggy. Designed by Marc Sadler, 2006. Foscarini.

7. Carmen. Designed by Hector Serrano, 2011. Fontana Arte.

8. Lady Constanza. Designed by Paolo Rizzatto, 2008. Luce Plan.


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