Chat Board – the ‘Notice Me’ notice board

We’ve all seen the architypal family kitchen pin board, covered in a mess of scrappy notes or the office white board, haunted by the shadowy ghosts of deadlines past. But those clever Danes have done it again – our Skandi design heroes have come up with an ingenius and aesthetically pleasing way to keep everybody on track.

The Chatboard is a magnetic piece of coloured glass which you can both write on and attach notes to using little chubby magnetics. A clever magnetic pen holder also means that ‘hunt the pen’ will become a game of the past. They are available in lots of sizes and colours – there is even a table version!

Welcome to Chatboard.


chatboard-about1 Chat-board-blk  CB og Offect_0.preview Chat hall.preview office chatboardsDUBAB8 AS


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