Sometime things are just black and white

If there is one thing I know – black and white go with everything – no wonder black and white is so popular. If I have a pound for every house I have seen in a magazine with the black and white stripey Ikea Stockholm rug on the floor – well i’d be at least £100 up. But there is a reason it is so popular because as you can see from this digest from The City Sage black and white looks great in so many decor schemes.

Here are some of our favourite monochrome picks from Catalog that are great go-to products – they are so versatile and no matter where they go, they always look great.

Tress by Foscarini

DLM by Hay   (image link)

Tira Kelim by Kinnasand

Tray Tables by Hay

But if minimalist monochrome is too boring for you have and you prefer a little more Kerpow in your manor, have a look a this selection of rather funky black and white upholstery. Groovy.

S411 by Thonet

Elettra Chair by Arflex

Joko by Kristalia featuring Marimekko


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