Extremis – Tools for Togetherness

You might not believe it but in a few months we are meant to be in Summer. Remember Summer – when everything  green and you sometimes get to see the Sun. Sun? Yes that bright burning ball of fire in the sky – remember?  Well the folks at Extremis do and they are determined to make the most of Summer when it does finally come around.  So who are they and what are they about?

Tu’g vo thope te zi’n
Tools for Togetherness

Extremis has a mission: combining intelligent design based on Flemish common sense with our famous Burgundian lifestyle. How? By creating a whole range of extraordinary outdoor furniture uniting exceptional functionality and timeless design. The result? Much more than just a furniture range: a lifestyle that brings people together.


The Belgiums – Waffles and Furniture

Extremis was founded in 1994, the brainchild of Dirk Wynants, an interior designer and son of a furniture designer, his focus was innovation, functionality and sustainability, a mantra that Extremis remain loyal to.

Here are a few of our favourite Extremis designs.

STICKS – Is it a Room divider, a Fence or a piece or Art? You decide…



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