Happy St Patrick’s Day – A Celebration of Green.

Green gets a bad rep – I have no idea why. It is so versatile, calming, restorative even. So to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day I am spreading the word. My favourites are Kelly, Khaki and Emerald.




Kelly Green is completely under used but is now making a come back with its best friend White. I assure you Kelly Green and White fretwork and geometric fabric and wallpaper will be everywhere this year. It looks gorgeous with coral or pink accents – very Hollywood Regency.



Khaki is so versatile, it is a bold neutral which acts as a great lynch pin to bright pink and turquoise accents. Khaki also looks great paired with natural materials and is dark enough to carry nice crisp white woodwork. Calming and understated yet sophisticated,



If I was the Good Witch with magical powers I too would have built myself an Emerald City. It is just one of the prettiest darned colours out there so it is no wonder that it is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2013. Now for those of you thinking – aren’t Kelly and Emerald the same? NO they are NOT colour heathen. Emerald Green has more blue in it, Kelly has more Yellow in it.- ok? Which is why Emerald looks so beautiful with dark blue. Now lets look at these colours in practice.


Via Inthralld


Fab ICF Una Management Chair in Kelly Green! (Available at Catalog!)



If you aren’t ready to slosh green on the walls, bring the outdoors in with some of these gorgeous green accessories and pieces of furniture

Vitrini Boxes by IItala


Tolomeo Wall Light


Emu Pattern Chair


Wan Light


Jesse “Pond” Table


Density Rug





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