Wooden radiators? Well I never…Eskimo radiators arrive at Catalog.

Once upon a time there were only two types of radiators in the world – Ugly ones or Old ones. But those days are behind us. Yes underfloor heating is fabulous but where am I going to hang my smalls to dry quickly when I’ve had to do a panic laundry session? And what about soggy towels? Why there is no denying that a classic nicely shaped chrome towel radiator is, well, classic, there is very little choice for those of us who want something different – until now.

We met Eskimo at 100% Design in London at the end of last year and instantly recognised that their collection was extraordinary – why? Because they have made the radiator sexy…really sexy. Beautiful patina, the warmth of wood, unusual shapes and a great colour range, give Eskimo radiators the versatility to be completely discreet or the focal point of a room.


Available in a range of was founded by Phil Ward and Ed Dimmick in 2001 and since then they have been pushing the boundaries of heating design. The radiators are designed and manufactured in Birmingham making Eskimo, a great British product. 


Eskimo is now available to order from Catalog Ltd in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.


Ok – lets play spot the radiator!























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