Le Deun Luminaires launch exclusively at Catalog Ltd.

We met in Paris and it was love at first sight. Nimble rings of sparkly lights, little ones, big ones, some so big you could drive a car through them and all of them very beautiful. A few months passed and we just couldn’t get the sparkly rings out of our heads and so we packed our bags and headed to the Big Smoke with the wind in our hair and hearts full of hope.

So how did the story end? Well the Catalog Cats seduced the Frenchies and now we’re not only going steady but we are exclusive too!

Yes Le Deun Luminaire has landed and is available exlusively at Catalog Ltd. But who are they I hear you ask? Le Deun Luminaire was founded in 1997 by French designer Jean Luc Le Deun who heads a team designing stylish electronic lighting featuring low-energy consumption.  Le Deun Luminaire make and design all of their products in their head office in the Marais district of Paris. So chic. 

The collection which is exclusive to Catalog Ltd, features aluminium and steel, LED lined circles and square frames in a range of metallic and epoxy finishes.  The brand whose clients include Chanel and Moet et Chandon, have been featured in leading Interiors and Design magazines such as Wallpaper*and Architectural Digest.   Le Deun Luminaire is available now at Catalog Ltd. 




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