MAISON & OBJET – This years trends

As Autumn creeps in and the all those lucky people who live on the sunny continent get back to work from their August break, it is time for us all to plan for the coming season at Catalog – and what better way to do it than by visiting Maison & Objet in Paris. 

Maison & Objet brings designers from all over the world together to show off their latest products and looks. The show is spread over 8 massive exhibition halls – basically imagine Heathrow airport stuffed to the gunnels with gorgeousness. 

So what did we see? Well in short – we saw ALOT – too many to mention but here are some of my favourites.


Jewels: Across both the fashion and design world, this season’s trend is definitely jewel tones – think ruby reds, deep purples, rich aubergine purples with a bit of rust thrown in for good measure. These absolutely stunning crystal hand cut vases by Czech company Moser are the perfect example. Moser have been making glass for 155 years and the practice has clearly paid off! Their collection ranges from exquisitely delicate traditional glassware to these fabulous chunky pieces that look like they landed with Superman. 



If bright isn’t your thing then never fear as the pastel palette was well and truly being championed this year – with all those gorgeous pâtisseries piled with macaroons we can see where the inspriation comes from…if pastels float your boat check out the prolific, rather oddly tattooed, designer Karim Rashid who uses pastels wholeheartedly in his designs.



It won’t be a huge surprise for you that the most important acronym this year was most certainly – L.E.D. I think quite a few designers were laughing at my expense as I stared at their creations with my confused bulldog face trying to work out how on earth they made lights that small. Is there an army of teeny tiny people with teeny tiny fingers who fiddle with pin like digits somewhere creating these minute bulbs….or am I just not very clever?

Here were my favourite by French company Le Deun Luminaires . At the show they were exhibiting their collection of circular lights lined with LEDs – my favourite was the chandelier version Omega. 


I also loved the lighting designs by the larger than life Dutch company Aangenaam XL. Their oversized suspension lights were stunning. We’ve noticed the emergence of lighting with great surface patina – concrete or stone like finishes or anodized metallics such as Artemide’s Nur Metamorphosis or Foscarini’s Aplomb in our collection at Catalog – Aangenaam’s domed suspensions followed this trend. The lights can be made up to 180cm wide but equally come in great domestic sizes, and can be finished in gold or silver leaf. I’d have one of these over my kitchen table no problem!
And last of all for my own indulgence – my absolute favourite had to be Jean Boggio for FRANZ.The Lyonaise jewellry designer has teamed up with Taiwanese entreprenuer Francis Chen to create the most exquisite things I may have ever seen in my life. My chest was tight and my heart ached when I saw the collection. His collection was mainly porcelain – a modern re-interpretation of traditional Chinoiserie in the brightest most flamboyent colours – Jean himself was rocking bright lilac pantalones with a mint green shirt – he overheard me calling him a genius and he loved it….

While I don’t think any photos do this collection justice and it is a bit of an assault on the senses when you see it in real life, everything is truly exquisite – the craftsmenship, the attention to detail and above all, the sheer originality of it all really blew me away….I’m pretty sure Ralf is going to hate this…  




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