The Bookcase – not just for books….

No longer a mere container – a humble holder of books – the bookcase today has evolved into sculptural work of art. So much so that the Kindle generation who only use books to adorn their coffee table have adopted the bookshelf as so much more than a place to put books.

The bookshelf can be used in a multitude of ways – a space to exhibit our favourite keepsakes, interesting glassware and ceramics – a place to put our most loved shoes or as a stylish way to break up a room – fill it with books to create initmacy – leave the shelves open to allow flow and continuity.


 Shoe Storage Inspiration – Image via Because I’m Addicted – The Jesse Open Light shelves double as the perfect shoe storage – tall spaces for heels, small spaces for flats! 


 Open Light – available in so many fabulous colours – and of course if it’s books you’re after – look no further – you could open an entire library…..


A perfect example of using a bookcase as a room divider, display for books, ceramics and even a light here with the “Manhattan” system by Jesse


And here are a few more of our favourite and most stylish bookcases at Catalog. 

Woody    Hay


Drizzle    Gallotti & Radice


Inori    Fiam Italia


SheLLf    Kristalia – my personal favourite – have a look at the video below to find out more about uber design Goddess Kai-Lai Chan’s design process 


I just love the styling in this photo – Cassina’s Nuvola Rosso in white looks fabulous with the brightly coloured animals on it – designer Vico Magistretti’s architectural lines are so striking against the playful colours of the toys.

So there we have it folks – bookshelves – not just a place to stack the hardbacks but a beautifully constructed series of lines, angles and curves to be used in any which way that we fancy.




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